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Pictures from the contract signing

We couldn´t start 2018 any better. Representatives of company Brněnské komunikace signed a contract with the project team about a new concert hall for Brno Philharmonic on January 15, 2018. Our dream about the world-class concert hall is a step closer to reality. It was very important for us so we bring you at least a few pictures..

The Seat of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra (NOSPR), Katowice

An acoustical engineer of the new concert hall in Brno is Nagata company.

Nagata Acoustics America, Konior Studio and Architekti Hrůša & spol., Atelier Brno. That is the team which will supply a project documentation for building permit and a project documentation for the above-ground part of Janáček Cultural Centre – the new home for Brno Philharmonic. „I am so happy we finally know the winner! The competitive tendering was very demanding and complicated“ says Mayor of Brno Petr Vokřál. „I am very satisfied with the winning company – Nagata is one of the most recognized acoustic companies of the world.“


Children says: „We were building a Concert Hall during holidays!“

“Let´s travel in time.” That is a name of summer arcamp hosted by Brno Philharmonic Orchestra in cooperation with Moravian Gallery. There were about 40 children travelling to the past but also to the future – they sang a song about our building in the location of our planned Concert Hall. See the spot we made for you – you can find it on our facebook profile.

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The first concert in the location of the new Concert Hall

Jaroslav Ježek composed his well known Bugatti Step after meeting with Luis Chiron during races in Masaryk Circuit. That composition was the first one played in the location of the new Concert Hall by pianist and the Philharmonic´s soilist of the season Igor Ardašev. The untraditional concert in helmets and in high-visibility vests took place on the base board in the depth of 10 metres. We used this event to filmed a video spot for supporting the buiding of the new Concert Hall so there was no audience during the concert. Igor Ardašev said: „I have never performed on the place like this one. I have to admit there was a surprisingly great acoustics.“ The spot is going to be out during autumn but you can find a report about this event in section „Napsali o nás“.

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We invite you behind the gate of our building site

We are opening the building site of the new Concer Hall again! Saturday June 11 at 4 PM you can take a walk in place usually closed for public. After that in the Besední house´s foyer we are going to present some curiosity about the project and results of last-year´s archeological research. It is necessary to make a reservation on The capasity is 40 people because of a building regulation.


We put the message for future generation into the base of the builiding!

Glassy of Brno Astronomical clock, copy of Leoš Janáček´s sheet, baton, photo and CD of Brno Philharmonic Orchestra, a historical picture of Brno, figure of crocodyle, bottle of plum brandy, book by Alena Štěpánková – Veselá „From memory register“and list of all Brno Philharmonic Orchestra´s directors. These are some of your suggestions about what we shloud put into memorial box. And what did we choose? A composition by Jiří Dvořák, student of Brno Conservatory, composed for this opportunity and as a homage to Leoš Janáček. As the world ´s premiere it will be played on Friday by composer himself. After that it will be put into a box in the wall.

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