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Why do Brno and its Philharmonic need a new concert hall?

  • Only approximately half of the orchestra can fit the stage of Besední dům, the Philharmonic’s current home. That is why extensive symphonic compositions cannot be staged there.
  • The Janáček Theatre, where the Philharmonic guests in full cast, does not provide acoustics convenient for symphonic music.
  • The audience are deprived of the pleasure to enjoy compositions for large orchestras.
  • Top foreign artists pass Brno by, as there is no place for them to perform.
  • The 500-seat capacity of Besední dům is insufficient and often sold out, leaving many interested listeners dissatisfied.
  • Brno, the City of Leoš Janáček, lacks a concert hall for staging his peak compositions with organ solos.
  • One of Europe’s outstanding orchestras needs an appropriate concert hall for practise and performances.
  • Many respected and famous Czechs have supported the project Hall for Brno.

What will bring new hall

The new concert hall on the corner of Besední and Veselá streets will offer 1250 seats.

“Our vision is to create an open, pleasant music complex of buildings. We will connect the new hall and the Besední dům with a glass sky bridge. A place full of music will arise in the heart of Brno. It is essential to us that the place lives day and night. We want to be open to people as much as possible,” said the Director of Brno Philharmonic Marie Kučerová.

It has been over 100 years since a concert hall with the capacity of more than one thousand people was built in the Czech Republic. The city councillors therefore heed the choice of the team that will design the hall`s interior and the concert hall itself – its size, shape, insulation etc.

The construction is planned to begin in the beginning of 2018. If this is achieved, the hall will become one of the most interesting cultural buildings in decades not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Europe.

Current state

Phase 1 – Underground garages

  • Building permit valid for the underground garages issued (Phase 1)
  • Investor: Brněnské komunikace a.s.
  • Supplier: Consortium of companies OHL ŽS a.s., Strabag a.s., Unistav a.s.
  • Archaeological survey
  • 1st Phase termination date: December 2017

Phase 2 – Concert hall

  • Planning permission no. 222 for Phase 2 issued

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