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Projekt - pohled 1


Architecture competitions (Atelier M1 architekti s.r.o.)


Zoning regulation initiated by definition of 2 phases (underground and above-ground part), BKom a.s. company authorised to secure project investment and obtain a planning permission and a building permit.


The planning permission for both phases were issued and the zoning regulation commenced, building permit for Phase 1 is confirmed.

Projekt - pohled 2


Supplier by competition – Consortium of companies OHL ŽS a.s., Strabag a.s., Unistav a.s., Building permit for Phase 1 confirmed.


Tapping of the foundation stone.


An open competition published for the design documentation supplier for the building permit.

What really happened

The need of a new concert hall for symphonic and cantata concerts in Brno was mentioned first in Pazdirka`s Music Dictionary, published in 1929.

Since then this issue has aroused from time to time more and more often, sustained by the existence and needs of the Philharmonic, growth and demands of the audience and expectations of foreign visitors coming to Janáček`s hometown.

The attempts to accomplish the goal ended in different stages of realization. These projects are to be found at Žerotínovo náměstí (present White House), former square of Joliot Curie (the end of present-day Šumavská street with commercial tower blocks), on former třída Obránců Míru Road (the current seat of the Ombudsman on Údolní street) and as the empty space between the Besední and Veselá streets since the 80s.

In 1992 professor Mgr. Alena Veselá gave impulse to establishing the Brno concert Hall Construction Society, which has been reminding the necessity of the construction continuously.

The silent “battle” for this lucrative place, particularly advantageous for the Philharmonic, has recently led to a promising outcome and currently the builders have been working on the Phase 1 of the construction!

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