6. 12. 2021

The preliminary announcement of the upcoming procurement procedure was published today, the contract for the building contractor will be announced in January.

Today, the first formal step was taken to select the company that will build the Janáček cultural center. A preliminary notice was published on the upcoming procurement procedure for the public contract for the construction of the above-ground part of the new concert hall for Filharmonie Brno.

Today, a preliminary notice was published in the Public Procurement Bulletin about the upcoming procurement procedure for the public contract for the construction of the above-ground part of the Janáček Cultural Center. “The contract itself, which is jointly awarded by the City of Brno and Brno Communications, should be tendered on January 17, 2022. Such procedures usually last about half a year, then after handing over the construction site, the construction itself could probably start just before or during the holidays, which should last 30 months, so the first listeners could enjoy the acoustics of the new hall sometime at the end of 2024. The estimated cost of the construction is 1.6 billion crowns without VAT,” says Brno City Mayor Markéta Vaňková.

“In the first round, applicants will demonstrate their qualifications, then we will invite them to submit price offers. At the same time, we will tender several other smaller contracts for interior contractors or organ builders, and we will also deal with the final arrangement of the immediate surroundings of the Janáček Cultural Center, where the Ludvík Kundera Square is to be built,” said 2nd Deputy Mayor Tomáš Koláčný, adding: “The most complicated part, i.e. the foundations, for which there is always a high probability of delay, which happens, for example, during archaeological or geological surveys, we are behind from the time when underground garages were built. However, it will still be a complex structure in a confined space. The almost 60 m high crane, the base of which is already located precisely in the foundations of the garages, is also to help the smooth progress.

The expected value of the contract is based on the cover sheet of the project budget, which was submitted in the past months, so it reflects the state of current prices on the construction market. “Last week, we received the registration of our request for 600 million crowns, which passed the inspection of the Ministry of Culture as the administrator of the subsidy, as well as the Ministry of Finance. We therefore expect the issuance of a decision, on the basis of which the plan for drawing this subsidy will be determined. Furthermore, 100 million crowns are available from the South Moravian Region, with the fact that we have used half of this amount so far. The other costs will be covered by the city of Brno and Brno Communications, which plan to spend approximately 50 million on the equipment of the underground garages,” added Marek Fišer, Councilor for Culture.

The heart of the Janáček Cultural Center will be a top-quality concert hall with 1,200 seats and one of the largest stages in Europe. “The acoustics will be comparable to the most famous halls in the world. The building is to be equipped with state-of-the-art and very powerful air conditioning, facilities for local and visiting musicians or a recording studio. The new concert hall will be connected to the Besední dom, the current headquarters of the Filharmonie Brno, via an underground passage,” recalled Deputy Mayor Tomáš Koláčný.


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